How to sell your products on Amazon?

In this blog, we are going to talk about how to sell your products on Amazon? Nowadays e-commerce industry is growing massively and many people are starting their own e-commerce business but the majority are starting either on Shopify or on Amazon.

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We are going to teach you how to sell your products on Amazon? Though selling your products on amazon is easy but the competition is very high but with the right techniques and reading this blog it will be easier for you to withstand the competition.

The correct way for selling your products on Amazon is through FBA that is fulfilment by Amazon, In FBA sellers store their products in the inventories of amazon and then when a buyer orders the product then the product is shipped to him by Amazon.

Let’s start step by step:

1) Choose your niche:


The first step is to choose your niche and mostly this is always the task in which you have to do brainstorming, but this task is very important also. If you choose a niche in which the competition is very high then you are not going to make it and it will be very tough for you to sell your products.

Take your time and choose your niche wisely, choose a niche in which the competition is low to medium and the niche is highly profitable because you have to make a profit from your business.

When you choose a niche one more thing which you have to keep in mind is to make sure there are some good manufacturers or wholesalers that will supply you products at a good price.

2) Choose your products:


Once you have chosen your niche then it’s time to choose a product of that niche that you will sell, one more time you have to choose your product wisely.

Before choosing a product there are some things which you have to keep in mind, make sure the product that you are choosing has a 30% profit margin, don’t choose a seasonal product like an umbrella because then your customers will buy your product in a particular part of the year.

The last thing is, try to choose a product which price is high because that will help you to create a 30% profit margin easily.

3) Find your product supplier:


The third step is to find a good supplier for your product, you have chosen your product make sure that your supplier is nice and the products which he or she is supplying you are not damaged or overpriced.

You can find your supplier easily on Alibaba or Aliexpress, the majority of sellers use these sites to find the supplier for their products. Try to get more info about them their ratings, customer reviews etc. Avoid scammers because there are many scammers on these platforms.

Make sure to ask for sample products before you make a deal with them because in that way you can test the quality of your product. You can also find suppliers by direct searching on google.

4) Place your first order:


Once you are done with choosing and finding your product and supplier now it’s time to place your order, it will be a task in which you will feel very excited and butterflies in your stomach.

But out of excitement don’t forget these things on ordering your first order, make sure you don’t order a large amount order a small and sufficient amount.

Take this order as a test, in this order you are testing your product and the demand for it, keep an eye on every feedback that you are getting.

5) Create your account:


The fifth step is to create your FBA account, there are two types of seller accounts individual seller and pro seller. In individual seller, you have to pay $1 for every product and in pro seller, you have to pay $39.99 monthly and this includes more features.

I will suggest you go for pro seller because that includes many features compared to individual seller or you can do one more thing in the first couple of months you can use individual seller and when you are doing great then you can upgrade to pro seller.

6) List your products:


Once you made your account it’s time to list your products on your account, there are some tools that you can use to list your products or you can list them manually by yourself also.

I would suggest you use high resolution and clear images for your products. Provide information for your product as much as possible.

7) Keep an eye on everything:

Once everything is done and you are now selling your products, it’s time to analyze the whole market, keep an eye on everything how your competitors are doing? What are the differences between you and your competitors?

You have to give attention to your customer reviews also because they are very important every customer that will buy your products will look at your customer reviews.

Try to maintain great goodwill of your stores and your products also.

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