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How this man became a billionaire in 1 year

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In this blog, we are going to talk about a man who became a billionaire in just 1 year. Many billionaires became rich in a short period like Mark Zuckerberg became a billionaire in just 4 years after he founded Facebook.

Jeff Bezos entered the Forbes billionaire in 1999 with a marvellous $10 billion worth, he founded Amazon 6 years before, in 1993 but a man named Jay S. walker became a billionaire in just 1 year which is phenomenal.

Let’s go deep into this topic:

Who is Jay Scott Walker?


Jay Scott Walker was born on November 5 1955 in New York. He is an American Entrepreneur and he is also the chairman of Walker digital. Walker studied at Cornell University.

He was married to Eileen McManus on 18 April 1982, who is also a trustee for Cornell University, they have two children. He is on every list of fastest billionaires in the world.

How he became a billionaire in just 1 year?


Now we will tell how he became in just 1 year? He founded his company in 1998 and just 1 year later he joined the billionaires club. Many people also believe that he became the fastest billionaire.

After 1 year he joined the billionaire club he lost his billionaire status after got hammered by dot-com burst.

Related Questions

Who was the fastest to become a billionaire?

Jay S. Walker was the fastest to become a billionaire, he became a billionaire in just 1 year after he founded

How did Jay Walker become a billionaire?

Jay Walker became a billionaire after he founded he self-funded the company. A year later he fell off from the billionaire status and he sold his shares for $426 million.

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