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In this blog, we are going to tell you about the best group health insurance to buy, in today’s time it is very important to have health insurance because you have to secure your life and also the life of your family and loved ones.

So buying health insurance is the first thing to do because once you or any member of your family is hospitalized then you have to pay huge bills for it.

So it is better to have health insurance to protect your family. The best health insurance is:

1) Aditya Birla diamond plan health insurance:


Aditya Birls health insurance is one of the best health insurance to buy in India, this health insurance plan offers optional cover for cancer hospitalization booster.

This plan also covers any room upgrade and this is very much needed for some people, this plan covers donor expenses also. This plan also has some of its drawbacks also it excludes injuries due to war, you have to wait for the first 30 days for all treatment.

It also excludes medical treatment taken from outside of India, this plan is best for people who wants high sum insured options. The minimum age requirement for this plan is 5 years and the maximum age is 65 years.

2) Reliance critical illness insurance:


Reliance critical illness insurance is the second health insurance, it only covers very dangerous diseases and life-threatening diseases. The benefits of reliance critical illness insurance are you do not require any pre-medical check-up.

It only covers dangerous diseases like an organ transplant, third-degree burns and other dangerous and critical diseases. It has also its drawbacks, it excluded dental surgeries, diseases that are due to alcohol consumption.

This plan also excludes treatment of HIV and suicidal attempts etc. The minimum age requirement for this plan is 18 years and the maximum age is 65 years.

3) SBI arogya premier policy:


SBI arogya premier policy is a health insurance plan given by SBI and it is also considered one of the best health insurance that you can buy. It covers hospitalization expenses up to 60 days.

This plan covers care expenses up to 142 days, people up to the age of 55 years that are applying for this insurance does not need any kind of pre-medical test. It has individual and family plans, it has options ranging from Rs 10 lacs to 30 lacs.

It has also its drawbacks this plan excludes treatment of HIV and intentional injuries and treatment of drug and alcohol overdose. The minimum age requirement for this plan is 3 months and the maximum age is 65 years.

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