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Best free advertising for business online and offline?

In this amazing post, I am going to show you 5 completely free advertising for business.

Without wasting time here are five completely free ways to promote your business online and offline.

Using refer and discount technique:

It is never too small to ask people to refer business to you, and if you do so you can reward them with a discount on the services or products you sell. Discount can be anything But if you have a small business you can bargain on giving the discount.

The legendary Dhirubhai Ambani technic:

This technique was used by Dhirubhai Ambani to promote his business. He was the owner of Reliance and the greatest businessman ever lived. So here’s what he did, he took the help of his family members and said them to go to each cloth shop and only purchase the clothes of Reliance.

Reliance at that time was a Startup most of the shopkeepers didn’t know about it. so, After listening to a lot of purchase orders from customers, they started booking Reliance cloth in bulk. And the next time anybody visits the shop they used to suggest to them the cloth of Reliance.

on the whole, This way Dhirubhai Ambani made Reliance a big company.

similarly, You can apply this in your business too. Also, you can take help from your family members or your employees in using this strategy.


Facebook is my most recommended method of promoting your business. Always remember that I am talking about Facebook, not all social media. Because on Facebook you can create your own business page for free. Facebook also provides an option for customers to buy on pages and groups.

If you post a product on your Facebook page, you can share it with other groups on Facebook. This way you can reach more audiences and show them your product or service. This works best for the jewellery and fashion business.

Also, You can also promote your product on Facebook with a little money but that’s not what we are going to cover in this post.

YouTube reviews:

You might have seen a lot of YouTubers reviewing the products of some companies. Most of the time they are just reviewing their product for free. Now what you need to do is, Mail your product to a YouTuber don’t judge them by their audience or subscribers. And in the mail just ask them to review your product with a nice humble request.

Believe me, in most of the cases they would. They can also contact you for paid promotion. Then in that case just say to them you don’t have enough budget to pay them. truly, I have done this, you can also.

Create invitation cards for your Store:

nevertheless, You can always invite customers to your Store by giving them your invitation cards. This means a lot yet it is not the most effective way but still, when we are talking about free advertising for business, we have it on our list.

-MK Gupta-

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free advertising for business

free advertising for business

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