Top 10 industries that will make you a billionaire

Here are some of the industries that will make you a billionaire:

10. Engineering: 

Industries which will make you a billionaire

If you want to become a billionaire from engineering, basically, you’ll need to design a piece of engineering wizardry that can solve a problem that nobody addressed before. If you got an idea that is good and you know how to execute it, you can even do it without a formal qualification in engineering.

9. Media and entertainment:

Industries w   industries that will make you a billionaire

 People will always wanted to be entertained, music, films, T.V, computer games, YouTube channels, good old-fashioned reading or whatever forms of entertainment people dream up in the future. These are always going to be a big part of normal people’s life. 4% of billionaires make their money in this field.

8. Energy:

industries that can make you a billionaire

 In the starting days of the modern economy, many of the first riches made their fortune in energy like oil tycoon, John D. Rockefeller, and once again 4% of today’s billionaires came from this sector the booming sector in the near future is bound to be renewable energy.

7. Fashion:

 Clothing is more than just a basic necessity. Many persons in the world spend so much money so we can wear something that makes us look good and for a lot of people, one of the biggest things about putting in long hours is to be able to buy expensive branded goods.

6. Healthcare: 

One of our basic needs is to stay healthy and therefore we pay huge amounts of money on it on health care bills or on health insurance a lot of money goes to the bank balance of  6% of the world’s billionaires.

5. Retail: 

whether we buy products online or through the stores, we’ll have to buy stuff. So, it’s no wonder that this industry makes 6.5% of billionaires.

4. Food and Beverage: 

We’ll always need to eat and drink and currently, 8% of the world’s billionaires come from this industry one example is Dhanin Chearavanont, who expanded his father’s chicken seed shop into a farming empire worth $15 billion dollars.

3. Tech and Business services:

 whatever the sector, nowadays it relies on tech. Businesses use it to do many things like transactions, to promote their products, for products distribution and much more and also our private life depends on the tech. 9% of billionaires made their fortune in tech.

2. Real estate: 

 Not only does this industry fulfill our basic need for shelter, with the growing population it’s going to be even more in demand. So there’s little wonder that a huge amount of money can be made in real estate, with 9% of billionaires today belonging to this industry.

1. Banking and finance: 

Any successful company in any industry, behind that success there was somebody and then grow it thanks to their investment choices, they didn’t just make the company successful they also grew their own wealth. Banking and Finance produced 15% of the world’s billionaires today.

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 – Shivam Shaw

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