Reason behind the Rise of Brittania

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In this blog, we will talk about the reason behind the success of Brittania, what were their strategies? how did they make it so much big? we will tell you each and everything.

What is Britannia?

Brittania is an Indian food and beverage company with roots around the globe, it was founded in 1892 and its headquarters are in Kolkata and it is one of the oldest brands in India.

The company mainly engages with the making and selling of biscuits, dairy products, cakes , now the company sells its products in more than 60 countries, its chairman is Nusli Wadia and the company is a part of the Wadia Group.

The revenue of Britannia in 2020 was $ 1.7 billion.

History of Brittania:

The company was started on 21st March 1918, it became the first company to imported gas ovens, its business was growing day by day.

In world war 2, the government signed a contract with Brittania to supply large amounts of biscuits to the soldiers of the army. The company main focus was to build its reputation and to provide value for money.

The company’s new factory was established in 1924 in Mumbai, in the same year the company expanded its roots by establishing factories in Kolkata and Mumbai.

The year was 1976 and the company launched Brittania bread in Calcutta and Chennai. In 2000 ranked the company in its Top 300 small companies list.

The year was 2008, the company was ranked 27th in the list of India’s fastest growing companies,

In 2017 the company was ready to sign a joint venture with Chipita S.A to manufacture ready to eat croissants, Brittania stake in Britchip is 60% and Chipita stake is 40%.

Now the company is on the list of most trusted and valuable brands of India.

Products of Brittania:

The company manufactures mainly biscuits, dairy products and cakes.


According to, the various products of Brittania biscuits are Nutrichoice, Tiger, Milk Bikis, Bourbon, Little hearts, 50 50, Good day, Marie gold and all these products are very popular in India and sales of these products are also high.

Biscuit is one of the important food in India, people like to enjoy it with tea, milk and with many things mostly Indian people like to eat it in breakfast or as a snack.

In 2006, the sales of Tiger were $150.75 million and it includes exports to U.S.A and Australia.

More than half of the revenues generated by Brittania comes from selling biscuits and the popularity of Brittania biscuits is too much.

Dairy products:

Now we are going to talk about the dairy products of Brittania, dairy products contribute 10% to Brittania’s revenue.

Dairy products of Brittania are not that much popular in popular but still, it gives a good amount of profit to Brittania. The chief competitors of Brittania are Nestle India, Amul.

Growth of Brittania:

There is nothing surprising that the company’s 90% sale comes from biscuits and the company has seen an annual growth of 27% and the products of Brittania are sold in 5 million retail outlets across India.

The company also is one of the leading companies in the middle east, it stands in 2nd no in UAE as a biscuit company. Brittania bread has 13 factories across India and it produces 1 million loaves daily.

Reason behind massive growth of Brittania is they have known and tapped into the desire of Indians and they have made all kinds of biscuits, dairy products, bread and cakes and they have made to enjoy for every occasion.

Should you Invest in Brittania?

In my opinion, you should definitely invest in Brittania because it is leading the biscuit industry and it will continue to lead this industry. The stats of Brittania speak themselves.

So, this is my blog of Brittania

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