How to start a liquor shop in India?

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In this blog, we are going to tell you how to start a liquor shop in India? Liquor shop is a very profitable business in India but there are many things that you need to know and have before you can start a Liquor shop. I will explain everything:

What is a Liquor shop?

A liquor store is a retail store in which Beer, Wine and other alcoholic drinks are sold. It is sold in bottles and there are some shops in which you can consume it and there are some shops in which you have to take it away.

Mainly the shops don’t manufacture it but maybe there are some stores who manufacture it and sell it as well. In some countries, it doesn’t require a license to sell it but in India, you need to get a license without it you will be unable to open your liquor shop.

It is also called a Wine shop in India but they mainly don’t sell wines, they sell hard drinks like alcohol, beer, rum etc.

Is it a profitable business in India?

Yes, definitely it is a profitable business in India, an average liquor shop in India earns somewhere between 4 to 5 lakh rupees.

The profit depends on certain circumstances like how big your store is? What type of liquor you are selling? Usually, the more premium and expensive alcohol you are selling the more profit margin will be.

Another factor is where your store is located, if your store is located in a good and standard place where competition is very low and consumers are very high then you are going to make huge profits.

Another thing is that liquor is stupidly famous in India and the demand is very high, no matter any storm, tornado and cyclone liquor stores will run. During this pandemic, when the government opened the stores in 2020 the profit made was shattering the profit and the consumption of alcohol was 6.5 billion litres.

The alcohol industry in India is the worlds third-largest industry with a value of $35 billion.

Profit of government:

The government made huge profits by selling liquor that’s why they opened liquor shops in lockdown in 2020. The total profit made by the state governments in 2020 was 1.75 trillion rupees.

There were very long lines and millions of people jumped to buy liquor, people spent millions of rupees to buy alcohol amidst the covid and when the full lockdown was imposed in the country in 2020.

The scruples of people and the government were gone at that time because when the covid was very strong and dangerous the government opened the shops and people were buying with no social distancing in the lines.

Legal work to start a liquor shop in India:

The first thing you have to get is a liquor license, it is a permit to sell liquor in India. There is a very long and exhaustive process to obtain a license.

The main intention to give a license is to regulate some things and the seller is not breaking the laws. The main things that are regulated are the following:

1) Cost of the alcohol you are selling
2) The types of alcohol you are selling
3) Age limit of the person you are selling
4) When the store can sell it

There are also some other things that you have to take care of, there are various states laws also.

If you are only selling liquor then you have to take a license and if you are not selling liquor mainly and you are selling foods and other drinks then also you have to take a license.

I hope this blog was helpful to you all.

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