How Carryminati became what he is now?

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Just like any other person Ajey Nagar was no extraordinary. You already know who I am talking about, the Indian legend roaster, gamer, and singer CARRYMINATI. In this piece of text, I am going to tell you about how he achieved what he wanted “popularity”, “money”.

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Who is Carryminati?

Ajey Nagar known as Carryminati is an Indian YouTuber, roaster, comedian, rapper. He was born on 12 June 1999(22 years old) and he lives in Faridabad, India, he makes reaction and roasting videos on trending and popular topics.

He also has another channel Carryislive which is dedicated to gaming and streaming. His main channel Carryminati has 30.8 million subscribers making him the biggest YouTuber in Asia and his streaming channel Carryislive has 9.3 million subscribers as of August 2021.

The total views on his Carryminati channel are 2.4 billion and Carryislive channel are 1 billion and these numbers are crazy for a YouTuber.

The career of Carryminati:

Ajey Nagar’s youtube channel Carryminati was made in 2014, at that time the channel name was not Carryminati it was AddictedA1 he used to upload gaming videos on the channel. Firstly he recorded the video game along with his reactions then edit and publish it on YouTube.

During the year 2015, he changed his channel name CarryDeol, after changing the channel name he started uploading footage of Counter Stike: Global Offensive. After sometimes he changed the channel name to Carryminati.

In 2017, he created another channel CarryIsLive dedicated to gaming and live streaming. He does live streaming on that channel like every day and that’s why despite being a gaming channel and live streaming the channel crossed 9 million subscribers.

In 2016 he dropped his school to give focus on his gaming career.

He also does live streams to support people who were suffered from epidemics, natural disasters, floods etc.

YouTube vs Tik Tok feud:

The feud started in April 2020 when the lockdown was imposed on the whole country, it started when a fellow YouTuber made a roasting video on Tik Tok and targeting some of the big Tik Tok stars but it is not a new case some other big YouTubers also made roasting videos on Tik Tok.

Replying to that video Amir Siddiqui and other Tik Tokers made a video but the main video was of Amir Siddiqui that ignited the fire of the biggest internet controversy of India till now.

The feud was in the limelight and many fans were also engaged in it because it was the time of lockdown and everybody was in their homes.

Many YouTubers also replied on this topic through their stories and social media platforms and many Tik Tokers.

The main turning point was when Carryminati uploaded a video named “YouTube vs Tik Tok- The end”, the video became off the charts millions of Indians jumped on that it became a national sensation.

The video broke many records, the growth of Carryminati was off the chain at that time. The video gained 20M+views, 5M+ likes and Carryminati gained 1.2M subscribers in just one day.

The Tik Tok community was getting a big amount of hate, people were just going at throwing their temper tantrums into their comment sections of social media handles. Many Tik Tokers removed the comments option and some limited the comments on their posts.

During the feud, Carryminati gained millions and millions of subscribers and became the most subscribers channel in India and the total views were hundreds of millions on the channel. All the fans were commenting hateful comments on their social media, using slang and cuss words.

Video Remove By YouTube:

Carryminati became a sensation at that time thrashing the whole Tik Tok community out of the competition. But after some days the video with over 70M+ views and 10M+ likes was removed by YouTube because it violated the policies.

After that, fans started giving too much hate to Tik Tokers and youtube and the ratings of Tik Tok came down from 4.3 stars to 1.3 stars that clearly showed the dominancy of Carryminati in that feud.

Then he dropped a video named “Stop making assumptions YouTube vs Tik Tok” that video also got millions of views and likes. Then he released a diss track towards YouTube and Amir Siddiqui that diss track got millions of views and likes in one day.

Currently, the channel holds 31M+ subscribers and Ajey Nagar is the biggest YouTuber in Asia.

With that being said I think the feud was a very big turning point for Carryminati and the whole YouTube and Tik Tok community.

Earning of Carryminati:

The monthly earning of Carryminati is 25 lacs+ and yearly earning is 2 crores+.

So this is my blog about the Indian YouTube sensation Carryminati.

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