All you need to know about the Olympics

In this blog, we are going to talk about Why India doesn’t host the Olympics? This is a big question in many Indians minds, we are going to tell you that what is the reason behind it and also the main points.

What is Olympic Games?

The Olympic Games is a huge international event, in the Olympics thousands of athletes around the globe participate to win honour and medals.

The Olympic Games is considered the biggest sports event in the world because over 200 nations participate in it. The Olympics Games is held every two years Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics that make the period of four years.

Way back Olympic games were a kind of Religious event which were in Olympia, Greece. The games that were featured in it were Chariot racing, wrestling etc.

If we look back in history it is considered that the myths Heracles and his father Zeus founded the Olympics.

Sports in the Olympics:

Now we are going to talk about the sports that are included in the Olympics.

The sports are 3 x 3 basketball, Acrobatic Gymnastics, Alpine Skiing, Archery, Artistics Gymnastics, Artistic Swimming, Athletics, Badminton, Baseball Softball, Basketball, Beach Handball, Beach Volleyball, Biathlon, BMX Freestyle, BMX Racing, Bobsleigh etc.

These sports vary because each of them is in different types of Olympic like Olympic Games, Olympic Winter Games, Youth Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.

How to become an Olympic athlete?

If you want to become an Olympic athlete then you have to follow some steps that are the stairs to become an Olympic athlete.

1) Choose your sport:
The first step to becoming an Olympic Athlete is to choose your sport, select what sport you are interested in.

For example, if you are interested in swimming then just start your swimming career, join a club and if you are already learning it practice hard.

2) Train hard:
The second step is the most important and it will be the most beneficial step if you follow it wisely. Train yourself, don’t stop, don’t quit if you want success and honour then you have to do it.

If you will work hard and practice today it will be very beneficial for you tomorrow and trust me you won’t regret it, one day all the hard work sleepless nights, late nights, early mornings will pay off.

You saw Neeraj Chopra he practised so much and that’s why he won the gold medal and making the country so much proud and each and every citizen also.

3) Manifest it:
It is also a very important step, manifestation will help you to reach your destiny. If you want something truly then the universe will make it happen for you and it is a proven technique.

Just visualise your success and believe in it, it’s all about a healthy and good mindset. Just give 20-30 minutes a day for manifestation and believe me it will be very helpful for you.

Why India doesn’t host the Olympics?

This is a very popular question in the mind of many Indians why do India doesn’t host it? The answer is India is poor to host it. To host the Olympics every country bids and the winner hos the Olympics.

India is a country where poverty is at its peak and it will be a foolish decision to spend 40000 to 50000 crores on the Olympics.

There is a huge amount needed to host the Olympics like billions and billions of dollars. In 2008 Beijing hosted the Olympics and the amount spent was $40 billion and if we convert it to INR the amount that comes out is 1,80,000 crores Rupees.

It will be a very wise decision to spent the cost on the development of the country.

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