How to promote your product online?

In this blog, we are going to talk about digital marketing and also about the highest paying digital marketing jobs. We will explain to you each and everything related to digital marketing and the jobs that are engaged with it.

What is digital marketing?

Digital is a type of marketing that is done online and needs the internet it can be done via desktop, laptop, mobile. It requires a platform to promote products and services.

The main development started in the 1990s and 2000s and from that time it is a very component and during this covid period when people are staying in their homes, it had gain very much popularity and many people and engaged with it just because of this lockdown.

Today if your business is not online it is not a business, an example is tech giant Amazon, it is a trillion dollar company and it is one of the biggest companies in the world.

The various types of works that are included in digital marketing are Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Social Media Marketing.

Growth of digital marketing:

As you know the digital marketing was a rising industry but due to covid this sector is just booming now and the growth seen is off the charts.

The value of the digital marketing industry in 2019 was $290-$310 billion but it has shown a growth of 12.8% in 2020 and the market value has reached $330-$340 billion.

Digital marketing has changed the way of communication between a company and its customers. The growth will not stop because slowly the world is shifting online and more and more devices like computers, laptops and phones are selling.

That’s why it is becoming more popular and people are preferring online platforms to buy products and services and rather than going to a store. If you are a businessman then I would highly suggest you take your business online build a website and sell your products and services there.

It will be easier for you to scale your business and to gain more customers as you can advertise your business on social media platforms. You have to just hire some employees or persons that are expert in Website development, SEO experts and Content Creators.

Highest paying digital marketing jobs:

Now, we are going to talk about the highest paying digital marketing jobs it is for people who want to make a career in this field and are committed to it. The highest paying jobs are:

Note: This is in any order.

1) Content marketer:

The first job in this list is content marketer as you know is very much important for a business in digital marketing, a customer will not click on your product or service or anything unless and until he likes your content.

Content marketers are notorious to optimize content in such a way that it becomes top quality and catchy and this drive traffic to your website. Another thing is it needs a lot of creativity and you have to be a specialist in this field.

A content marketing specialist estimated salary is $52,000.

2) SEO expert:

The second job on our list is SEO expert and in my opinion, it is one of the most important jobs in digital marketing. The work of a digital marketer is to optimize a website in such a way that it starts to rank very high, it is a very important part of digital marketing.

It is a very analytical field, you have to keep a lot of knowledge if you are jumping on this job. The Search Engine Optimization industry is valued at $80 billion, most people don’t even go down and on the second page.

An SEO expert estimated salary is $47,000.

3) Marketing Automation:

This is also a very important job because most people can’t focus on their website, they have to look on there and there are many other works to do. As the name tells us the work of a Marketing automation specialist is to automate the activities of a website.

The main components of marketing automation are email marketing, website notifications, pop-ups etc.

A marketing automation specialist estimated salary is $61,000.

4) Paid ad specialist:

This is the fourth job on our list Paid ad specialist, paid ads are very important to bring traffic to your website. The work of a paid ad specialist is to bring traffic through Facebook, Instagram, google etc. using paid ads.

The amount of money spent on digital ad spending was $310 billion in 2019 and it has shown growth in 2020 and the amount spent on paid ads is $340 billion.

A Paid ad specialist estimated salary is $66,000.

5) Email marketing:

The last job on our list is email marketing specialist, email marketing is a very popular and old form of marketing but it is still relevant to this day. The work of an email marketing specialist is to send emails to targeted audiences and to customers also.

The return on investment in this field is also off the charts and if you want to know more about it then we have made a blog on it make sure to check it.

An email marketing specialist estimated salary is $55,000.

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