Why educated to invest in stocks than gold

risk hai toh ishq hai

The Harshad Mehta

Hi guys! Today I will tell you that why you should invest in stock rather than gold? It is a very popular question that is stuck in people’s minds.

Returns is more in stock than gold:

Returns are more in stock than gold, if you look at some of the biggest investors they have earned billions from stocks. Investors like Warren Buffet and Rakesh Jhunjhunwala have made billions from the stock market. If we are talking about investing money in Indian stock market is very much behind than many other countries, only 3.7% out of 1.36 billion peoples are investing in the stock market and if we look at the U.S.A the percentage goes to 55%, so this is one of the reasons behind their wealth and economy.

Why Indian people are afraid of investing?

Indian people are afraid of investing because of the risk in the stock market. Yes, this is a fact that the stock market is risky but if you don’t take risks you won’t become successful. Many billionaires took risks and now they are enjoying their life, Indian people have one of the highest gold holdings in the world because they trust gold and it is physical also but they don’t know that the stock market has the power to make them filthy rich. If the risk is with analysis, then there is no risk

Risk vs Reward :

no matter what big investors do, coming back to common people. I won’t state any stats in front of you, i am just stating a story of a poor child Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

read about him here

Storing gold and stocks:

In this we will discuss storing gold and stocks, gold can be stolen or misplaced but your stocks will be in a fully encrypted portfolio and there is a little bit of risk because out of millions of people investing their money in stocks, hackers will don’t bother about your portfolio and the safety is on your broker and big brokers they invest millions of rupees to keep their customer investment safe so there is a very little risk.

I will suggest to you all people that invest in stocks rather than investing heavy money than gold, in the beginning, you all will face some losses but in the long run, you will surely win.


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