India’s job mentality ruining India’s future

Hello! In today’s blog, we are going to discuss the job mentality that is running in nowadays Indian student’s minds and how it will heavily affect the future. So let’s get started:

Job mentality:

Now we are talking about the mentality of 95% of the Indian students, they only seek jobs and jobs and that is totally wrong.

There are only 2% or 3% that are thinking they will do something out of the box in the future like go after their passion or starting your own company.

And believe me, this mentality is nearly destroying India because if everyone goes behind jobs then there will be no jobs left in India and who will start a company and hire?

In India, everyone’s family will talk go study and get a good and safe job that will be beneficial for you and he got 10 lacs package he got 50 lacs package in America.

But no one will talk that you should start a company you should be your own boss and become financially independent.

So these things will slaughter a student’s mind who dreams to follow his or her passion or to be an entrepreneur. They will hinder them to follow their passion and will force him or her to be a slave of a company or a normal person.

This is why India is so much behind and much more involved in the rat race than any other country.

Why India is so much behind?

The main reason is Indian Students only think about jobs and not to be an entrepreneur remember one thing always be a leader, not a follower, but again Indian students overlook these things.

The students abroad are so much witty that from a younger age they start to adapt leadership skills and half of the students aim to follow their passion and to become an entrepreneur.

Then there are Indian students that think that I will study get a government job and make my family proud but they don’t think that there are many more things besides a job. You are going behind a job that will find a replacement within a week if you die. Take care of yourself, buddy! 

Now I will talk about the trend of government jobs in India it makes me laugh and pity at the same time for the students that are running behind it.

Most of the students running behind it don’t know that their competition is growing more intense with each passing day.

And it will crush your happiness you will just go to your job in traffic and you will get scolded by your senior and then you will come back to your house in traffic and you wait for the weekends. Let me ask you a question this is the life you wanna live?

What we can do to change India’s future?

If you want to see India changing and at the top of the charts economically then you should follow your passion or just become an entrepreneur and think out of the box because the future is in our hands. Don’t work for someone else’s dream your salary is the bribe they give you to forget your dreams.

In that manner you will be happy.

you are the future and I leave everything on you .

-Sujan shaw

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