India’s worsen wealth (Congress or BJP ?) 2021-22

This is not a very surprising topic to be honest but of public importance . The Indian economy of expected to lose over 32,000 crore Indian rupees every day during the first 21 days of full lock down , as stated by Wikipedia is a serious issue.

It should be noted that SBI states that the growth in GDP is going to be 1.3% in the fourth quarter of 2021 . It directly indicates that foreign transactions and business are suffering a lot .

further more …

One Indian rupee is now equal to 0.013 United states dollar , sounds shame right ………

Actions taken by government :

The main goal is to save poor from rising expenses during pandemic .

Also the government said it plans to set up a chain of 20 lakh retail shops called ‘Suraksha Stores’ across India which will provide daily essentials to citizens while maintaining stringent safety norms, news agency PTI reported.

The finance ministry announced that it will make an immediate release of Rs 18,000 crore in tax refunds to individuals and businesses.

In the budget 2021 – 2022 government has laid more emphasis on Health and Well being , Physical & Financial Capital, and Infrastructure.

What Opposition says ?

Opposition is fully ready to criticize vaccine program.

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi , criticized the Tika Utsav organised by the center by calling it a ‘sham’.

The former Congress president said in a tweet the centre shortcoming is exposed as it does not have adequate beds, medical oxygen as well as vaccines but the government is celebrating a ‘sham’ in the name of a ‘vaccine festival.’

Conclusion :

Nothing to tell more nothing to hide .

No one , has a true solution rather than a 7 letter word ‘VACCINE‘ . Hope lies in humanity and government . No doubt vaccine program is in its peak and would come out to be a success , But for now start investing in gold , property and 5G companies .

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