How to create assets over liabilities

how to create assets over liabilities?, I will tell you each and everything you need to know about assets and Liabilities and you can make some money by owning some great assets.


What is assets and Liabilities?


An asset is a economical resource that is owned by an individual or company that will give a benefit.

A liability can be defined as a debt on you or your company like bank loans, unpaid bills etc.


Changing your mindset:


most people have the wrong mindset that is stopping them from their riches. You can pay $1000 dollars for a brand new iPhone but you won’t pay $1000 dollars to start your own business or invest in the stocks.


This is the problem with all the people that are stuck in the rat race. Keep a look at what you are purchasing and the thing is useful to you or not. Focus more on needs than wants.


Someone’s income is $3000 dollars and they purchase a $1000 Gucci jacket to impress everybody, invest your money not spend it because if you are investing now that little amount of money can give you big cash flow and from that money, you can purchase your possessions.


What assets to buy?


There are a lot of assets to buy in the market but the best are:


Real estate:

This industry is one of the most important industries in the world as it is a basic need of humans, 9% of the world billionaires belongs to this industry.


Their are numerous ways to make money from this industry, you can buy a damaged house for low price renovate it then sell it for a much higher cost or you can rent it also, it will give you cash flow through out your life.



Stocks :

This industry have made very much billionaires because of it’s volatility there can be sudden massive changes like one stock can jump from $100 dollars to $1000 dollars in no time, their is risk but if you have the right knowledge about it then you can earn great amount of money from it.



This is how you can create assets over liabilities.

– Sujan Shaw

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