How to make money by investing in gold?

Hi guys! Today’s blog will be about how to invest in gold? I will give you a verdict about it. Let’s start:

Is it good to invest in gold stocks?

Yes, it is a good idea to invest in gold stocks apart from purchasing it physically.

Gold is highly suggested by some of the investors because of its low volatility and if you’re a new investor then I would suggest you invest in gold and gold stocks

It will be a nice idea if you don’t want to purchase physical gold and you want to invest in the stock market. It can give you high returns if you invest in the correct companies.

Companies to invest for gold stocks:

There are many companies to invest in gold stocks these are companies that are engaged with gold exploration and mining.

The top companies are:

1) Centerra gold:

This is a Canadian company that does gold mining it has produced 23,361 kilograms of gold in 2020. It has a market cap of $ 2.3 billion dollars.

2) Kinross Gold:

This is also a Canada-based company and it has mines in various countries like U.S.A, Brazil, and Russia. It has a market cap of $ 8.1 billion dollars.

3) Dundee precious metal:

It is a Canadian-based company multinational company, it engages with mining exploration of precious metals. Its market cap is $ 1.1 billion dollars.

Why invest in gold?

There are many reasons to invest in gold it’s because gold is highly liquidated, more than an investment it’s a luxury good and a status of richness, many rich persons wear an eight-pound chain around their neck.

Another reason is by seeing the charts you can clearly see that the US dollar falls in value against gold.

Why not invest in gold?

There are many reasons not to invest in gold and more than that that there are many of the money traps that may let you down because of investing in gold.

I am sharing an incident with you about a jewellery company

please check this

Its all up to you, how you invest your money. You can be more safe or enjoy a lot of money and by that I end my texts.

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