BIO plastic a new industry to invest

Hello! In today’s blog we are going to talk about Biodegradable Plastic and I’ll tell you that What is bio plastic? , Is it good to invest in biodegradable plastic industry? and many more things.

What is Biodegradable Plastic?

First of all we will discuss about Bio Plastic, so as the name suggest biodegradable plastic are plastic that can be decompose by bacteria and other microorganisms.

a sad fact to humanity

Why it is important to use bio plastic instead of synthetic plastic?

It is very important for the world to shift to bioplastic instead of synthetic plastic because synthetic plastic cannot be decomposed and hence it will be eventually a threat to the environment. According to some of the news outlets, 1 trillion plastics are used worldwide which is a massive amount. That’s why it is preferred to shift to bioplastic and many investors are investing in this industry.

Bio Plastics features:

The main feature of these plastics is they are biodegradable hence they can be broken by microorganisms and then they can decompose fully. It takes less energy to make biodegradable plastics. If we use these plastics then the amount of waste produced will be be low. When decomposing they don’t produce harmful products

Cost of making biodegradable plastics:

The cost of making biodegradable plastics is 30% to 50% more than the synthetic plastics because the biodegradable materials used are expensive but still bio plastics have an edge over synthetic plastics.

Companies working in this field:

Ecoware: It is an Indian company that is making 100% biodegradable plastics at an affordable cost.

TIPA: It is a private company founded in Israel, they are also making 100% biodegradable plastics.

Radical plastics: It is an American company founded in 2019 by two women’s Dr Yelena Kann and Kristin Taylor.

Sulapac: It is an company founded in Finland and they are making fully biodegradable plastics

Besides these companies there are many more companies that are making biodegradable plastics.

Is it good to invest in this industry?

So probably this is the main question you all are brain storming, and I’m telling you that go ahead and invest in this industry because in my opinion there are many chances that this industry is going to blew up in the near future, the chances are very slim that in the near future people will don’t use biodegradable plastics.

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