5g a new industry for making money

Hello! Our dear viewers, in today’s we will be talking about the 5g network and is it good to invest in it? Will it cause a threat to birds? and many more questions that are constantly running in your mind, so let’s get started with this blog.

Companies that are working in 5g network

Firstly, I would like to talk about which companies are working and looking forward to establishing a 5g network in the world.

The 5 companies that are leading the charts are:

1) Samsung:

It’s not a new name in the mobile and tech, Samsung has been one of the biggest players in the tech game and now they are looking forward to dominating the 5g industry, and in my list, they top the charts. They started their research on 5g back in 2011 and now they are leading in this industry they claim that the new 5g network is hundreds of times faster than the 4g network.

2) Huawei:

Huawei is one of the oldest in the game, is throwing a lot of money into the 5g network. Alone in 2017 Huawei has spent an enormous amount of $12 billion dollars in R&D.

3) LG:

It is also one of the biggest companies in the world when it comes to tech. It’s a Korean company and they are also in the process of establishing a 5g network around the globe.

4) Qualcomm:

It is one of the most popular chip makers in the world and the best 5g chip maker in the world.

5) Ericsson:

It is a Swedish company with its headquarters in Stockholm. It’s an international company and the only company on the list which is working on 5g network on all the continents, tying up with different companies on all continents.

Stock growth in 5g industry:

The stock is growing massively in this field and it is reached a point that they are affecting the economy because as you know the internet is a main and a very much important part in today’s world, so this is a very important industry.

Is government supporting 5g companies?

As far as in India, the Indian government has given permission to companies like Bharti Airtel, Vodafone to perform 5g trials.

South Korea is the first country that is using 5g network widely. Ericsson has predicted that by 2025 65% of the world will use a 5g network.

Should I invest in this industry?

This is the main question out there in investors’ minds, probably it is good to invest in this industry but let’s give a look at the Controversy.

Over the past few years 5g has become a very controversial topic because of the threat to birds life and many people’s are protesting against it but the fact is that 5g will not kill birds but the radiation coming out of smartphones and high tension electrical mobile towers and maybe in the near future it will become a big threat to birds life.

So, here is the verdict about the 5g network.

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